Technical Program & Organizers

The Society of Rheology 95th Annual Meeting will have twelve thematic sessions, a mini session featuring Future of Rheology speakers, a poster session (which includes the annual Student/Post-doc Poster Competition), and the Gallery of Rheology Contest. One of the plenary lectures will be given jointly by Karen Daniels (Physics, NC State University) and Douglas J. Jerolmack (Earth and Environmental Science and Mechanical Engineering and Applied Mechanics, University of Pennsylvania). The other pleanry lectures will be given by Matteo Pasquali (Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering, Chemistry, and Materials Science & NanoEngineering, Rice University) and the 2024 Bingham Medalist. A presentation will also be given by the 2024 Metzner Awardee.

Authors should submit an abstract by Friday 17 May 2024 using the SoR Abstract Submission Web App. The planned sessions and the corresponding chairs are given below.

Dense Particulate Systems

Abhinendra Singh
Case Western Reserve University
Email Abhinendra Singh

Irmgard Bischofberger
Massachusetts Institute of Technologyy
Email Irmgard Bischofberger

Paul Mort
Purdue University
Email Paul Mort

Colloids and Suspensions

TJaven Weston
University of Tulsa
Email Javen Weston

Sepideh Razavi
University of Oklahoma
Email Sepideh Razavi

Stefano Aime
Email Stefano Aime

Gels and Networks

Michela Geri
Duke University
Email Michela Geri

Katie Weigandt
Email Katie Weigandt

Ria Corder
University of Tennessee, Knoxville
Email Ria Corder

Polymer Solutions Melts Blends

Amanda Marciel
Rice University
Email Amanda Marciel

Ralm Ricarte
Florida State University
Email Ralm Ricarte

Piyush Singh
Dow Chemical
Email Piyush Singh

Interfacial Rheology, Surfactants, Foams, and Emulsions

Antonio Perazzo
Email Antonio Perazzo

Carlos Martinez
Purdue University
Email Carlos Martinez

Xiaoyu Tang
Northeastern University
Email Xiaoyu Tang

Biological, Living, Active, and Directed Systems

Maggie Qi
Massachusetts Institute of Technologyy
Email Maggie Qi

Rae Robertson-Anderson
University of San Diego
Email Rae Robertson-Anderson

Jairo Diaz
Rochester Institute of Technology
Email Jairo Diaz

Flow-Induced Instabilities and Non-Newtonian Fluids

Bavand Keshavarz
Duke University
Email Bavand Keshavarz

Jason Maxey
Email Jason Maxey

Alexandra Bayles
University of Delaware
Email Alexandra Bayles

Techniques and Methods

Sara Hashmi
Northeastern University
Email Sara Hashmi

Julie Hipp
Procter & Gamble
Email Julie Hipp

Anthony Kotula
Email Anthony Kotula

Additive and Advanced Manufacturing of Polymers and Particles

Zahra Niroobakhsh
University of Missouri
Email Zahra Niroobakhsh

Jeff Richards
Northwestern University
Email Jeff Richards

Blair Brettman
Georgia Tech
Email Blair Brettman

Data-Driven Rheology

Vikram Jadhao
Indiana University
Email Vikram Jadhao

Amanda Howard
Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Email Amanda Howard

Shamsheer Mahammad
Email Shamsheer Mahammad

Real-World Rheology & Sustainability

Shiho Kawashima
Columbia University
Email Shiho Kawashima

Stephanie Lam
Email Stephanie Lam

Michael Boehm
Email Michael Boehm

Space Applications and Low-Gravity Research (invited symposium)

Norman Wagner
University of Delaware
Email Norman Wagner

Thomas Voigtmann
DLR Germany
Email Thomas Voigtmann

Olfa D'Angelo
Email Olfa D'Angelo

Future of Rheology Speakers (mini session)

The organizers are:

Matt Helgeson
University of California Santa Barbara
Email Matt Helgeson

Chunzi Liu
Harvard University
Email Chunzi Liu

Arman Ghaffarzadeh
Carnegie Mellon University
Email Arman Ghaffarzadeh

Poster Session

Prospective presenters must submit abstracts online by Friday 9 August 2024. Poster presenters will have an area of ?? inches tall by ?? inches wide to attach each poster to; push pins will be provided.

Participants of the Student/Post-Doc Poster Competition must upload the PDF files of their posters by Friday 13 September 2024.

Upload File

The organizers are:

Joe Peterson
University of California Los Angeles
Email Joe Peterson

Fardin Khabaz
University of Akron
Email Fardin Khabaz

Travis Thornell
Engineer Research and Development Center
Email Travis Thornell

Gallery of Rheology Contest

Prospective presenters of the Gallery of Rheology Contest must submit abstracts online by Friday 9 August 2024 and upload the PDF files of their posters by Friday 4 October 2024.

Upload File

The organizers are:

Seth Lindberg
Procter & Gamble
Email Seth Lindberg

Kendra Erk
Purdue University
Email Kendra Erk

Ryan Murphy
Email Ryan Murphy