Nominations for 2023 SoR Fellows

Nominations are invited for the 2023 SoR Fellows. Outstanding members of The Society of Rheology, who have contributed to rheology through the science, technological accomplishments, peer-reviewed literature, and/or service can be nominated for Fellowship in The Society of Rheology. Only SoR members in good standing for at least eight years are eligible for this member category. It is the nominator's and nominee's joint responsibilities to ensure that the nominee has been a member in good standing for at least eight years, or the nomination may be invalid.

Nomination materials should be combined electronically into a single concatenated PDF file and uploaded at the Upload Site, following the instructions found there. The single concatenated PDF file must not exceed 20 MB. The deadline for submission is MARCH 3, 2023.

Upload Nomination

No more than 0.5% of the Society membership may be selected in a given year, so that a maximum of six new Fellows can be selected in 2023. Those who are already Fellows can be found here.

We are especially keen to receive rheologists from industy and government into the ranks of the the Fellows.

Members of the SoR Executive Committee are ineligible until two years after completion of their term. Ineligible Executive Committee members are found at these links: 2020-2021 Executive Committee and 2022-2023 Executive Committee.

New SoR Fellows will be selected by the SoR Fellowshio Committee, currently chaired by Saad Khan, and confirmed by the SoR Executive Committee. Nominators will be informed of the outcome shortly thereafter. The 2023 SoR Fellows will be named publicly on the website, in the Rheology Bulletin. The 2023 SoR Fellowship will be presented at the 19th International Congress on Rheology (July 31 - August 4, 2023) in Athens, Greece.

For details, see rules and guidelines governing the SoR Fellowship.