The Society of Rheology Publication Policy


According to ARTICLE II of The Society of Rheology Constitution, “The object of The Society shall be the advancement of rheology and its applications. Rheology is here defined as the science of the deformation and flow of matter. The objects shall be promoted (a) by meetings, (b) by a publication policy designed to increase and disseminate knowledge of rheology, hereinafter provided for in ARTICLE VI of the Rules, and (c) by other appropriate means.”

ARTICLE VIII, Section 1 of the Society of Rheology Rules states, “The Society shall publish technical journals designed to increase and disseminate knowledge of rheology.”

The Society of Rheology intends, in sponsoring annual meetings and in publishing the Journal of Rheology and the Rheology Bulletin, to provide platforms for the advancement of rheology and its applications. Vigorous exchanges are often a part of scientific and technical discussions, and we accept this as part of the nature of our sponsorship of these events and publications. The Society of Rheology organizes its meetings through a Technical Program Committee, and it organizes its publications by engaging the services of Editors. The individuals making statements in a presentation or publication are responsible for their remarks.

In order to carry out the object of The Society in an orderly fashion, the Executive Committee has established the following specific Publication Policies that are to be adhered to by Society Publications, including but not limited to the Journal of Rheology, the Rheology Bulletin, and Annual Meeting Publications.

Policy Statements

Items to be published in Society Publications must be of scientific merit. Submissions that appear to be advertisements or promotions of an instrument are not accepted. Submissions that investigate or evaluate measurement techniques are considered for publication and undergo rigorous peer review. No commercial product or name of a commercial manufacturer shall appear in the title of an SoR publication.

By action of the Executive Committee of The Society of Rheology, 9 December 2010