SoR Rheology Research Symposium and Student-Member Travel Grants for 2021

The Society of Rheology is offering student-member travel grants to help support the cost of attending its 92nd Annual Meeting and the second annual Rheology Research Symposium (RRS) in Bangor, Maine held October 10-14, 2021. It should be noted that this is the second year the Rheology Research Symposium is being run and attendance is required to the RRS to receive the student-member travel grant. This symposium, held October 9-10, aims to provide mentoring and increase diversity, equity and inclusion within The Society of Rheology. The RRS starts with lunch on Saturday, 10/9, prior to the Annual Meeting and includes participating in the Student-Industry event held on Monday. Attendance for the entire SOR meeting is required.


These grants are available to any graduate student who is a member in good standing of the Society as of the date of submission of the application. In addition, the student must present a paper or poster at the meeting, and stay in the official meeting hotel (students must make reservations at the Fairfield Inn by Marriott Bangor, using the unique RRS link before September 2nd, 2021). Each grant will cover five nights (Check-in: Saturday October 9 / Check-out: Thursday October 14) lodging at the conference rate and all costs associated with the RRS on Saturday and Sunday. Meeting registration, travel to and from the conference and any costs incurred during the SoR meeting other than the hotel room are the responsibility of the applicant. You will not be assigned a roommate. However, if you choose to invite another graduate student attending the meeting to share the room, we ask that you let us know their name and if they are also interested in attending the RRS.

Application material needed from students

To apply, the student must write a letter requesting the grant, confirming that they are a member as of the date of submission of the application and discussing their commitment to membership in the Society. The student must verify that they have submitted an oral presentation abstract or a poster abstract and that they will be presenting this work. In addition, the letter must explicitly answer the following diversity, equity, and inclusion questions:

The letter should not be longer than one page.

Application material needed from advisors

The student's advisor should add a letter of support, certifying that the student is a member of the Society, indicating the session and title of the submitted oral presentation or poster abstract and confirming that the student will be the presenter. The advisor must also provide a statement of commitment to pay for the students travel to and from the conference and the SOR meeting registration fee. Note that while we anticipate only one applicant per advisor will be accepted, additional students will be allowed if space permits. If more than one student is applying, each letter should indicate the advisor’s priority as we cannot guarantee there will be sufficient positions to have more than one student per group. The letter should be no longer than one page.

How to apply

The letters from the student and advisor should be concatenated into a single PDF file and uploaded to the

Application Submission Site

You will be asked for the seven-digit member number (no leading zero) and the paper ID of the submitted abstract.

Submissions will be accepted starting June 26th, 2021 and closing on July 26th, 2021. Successful applications will be awarded based on the merit of the application and responsiveness to the diversity, equity and inclusion questions. Notification will be made shortly after the close of the application submission window.

Contact person

Inquiries can be sent to either the RRS e-mail address or Kelly Schultz's e-mail address.

Further information about the SOR DEI committee and the RRS can be found here.