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October 9-13, 2011 - Cleveland, Ohio
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Surface and Interfacial Rheology

The development of an innovative triborheometry fixture/design to study the frictional dynamics of solid-liquid systems

October 10, 2011 (Monday) 5:15

Track 3 / Founders Ballroom A

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  1. Medina, Dora I. (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
  2. Elmoumni, Aadil (TA Instruments)
  3. Braithwaite, G.J.C. (Cambridge Polymer Group)
  4. McKinley, Gareth H. (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)

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Dora I. Medina1, Aadil Elmoumni2, G.J.C. Braithwaite3, and Gareth H. McKinley1
1Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA 02139; 2TA Instruments, New Castle, DE 19720; 3Cambridge Polymer Group, Boston, MA 02129

Medina, Dora I.

This paper describes an innovative triborheometry fixture/design to study the frictional dynamics of several solid-liquid systems, such as skin substitute/lubricants, PDMS elastomer/silicon oil and other natural products, for example banana skin peel. The triborheometry fixture/design includes various hardware components; probably the most important are the helical springs of different stiffnesses. The fixtures are adapted to a commercial rheometer and the experimental set-up would be modified according to the system to test. By altering process conditions the effect of surface roughness/lubricant fluid would enable us to measure the coefficient of friction at different angular velocities and contact stresses for the different solid-liquid systems. In this paper, experimental details for the triborheology tests along with materials response are presented. From the data, quantitative explanations for the Beam/Disc-coupling and material-structures design are given.