Antony N. Beris

Antony N. Beris

University of Delaware

Chemical Engineer
Fellow, Elected 2016

Antony N. Beris is the Arthur B. Metzner Professor of Chemical Engineering at the University of Delaware. Dr. Beris received the Diploma of Chemical Engineering from the National Technical University of Athens in June of 1980. In September of 1985, he then received his Ph.D. degree from the Chemical Engineering Department at MIT, for his thesis entitled “Calculations of a Viscoelastic Flow in a Journal Bearing.”

The focus of Dr. Beris’ research has been the study of the interactions between the internal microstructure and the bulk flow of complex materials using microscopic models, macroscopic constitutive equations and simulations, coupled with stability analysis, as well as the development of algorithms for large-scale computations using parallel supercomputers. Examples of the application of this work range from viscoplastic materials, to polymeric systems, and more recently for thixotropic systems with applications to blood rheology and arterial blood flow. His seminal research monograph, Thermodynamics of Flowing Systems with an Internal Microstructure (with B.J. Edwards), describes a new systematic approach, based on nonequilibrium thermodynamics and its consistent development. He is the 2015 recipient of the Willem Prins Award, from Delft University’s Department of Polymer Engineering, in recognition of his contributions to the modeling of polymer rheology. Dr. Beris has published over 120 refereed papers, almost exclusively on rheology; his recent publication with A.J. Giacomin, “πάντα ῥει̃: Everything Flows,” contributed to the recent change in the typography of The Society of Rheology logo, correcting previous linguistic errors. Additionally, he has contributed to over 250 presentations in international and national meetings, mostly rheology-related, and to four rheology-related short courses on the use of nonequilibrium thermodynamics to modeling of complex fluid systems. Dr. Beris has organized several scientific meetings, including the 66th annual meeting of The Society of Rheology, in 1994, as well as co-organized the 78th annual meeting, in 2006, and a 1997 workshop on numerical methods for viscoelastic flows. He also organized the 3rd International Workshop on Nonequilibrium Thermodynamics and Complex Fluids in 2003, and co-organized the subsequent 4th International Workshop, in 2006. Dr. Beris has served on the Editorial Board of the Journal of Non-Newtonian Fluid Mechanics since 2009, and is a regular reviewer for all of the main rheology journals, including JNNFM, J. Rheol., Rheologica Acta, and the Korea-Australia Rheology Journal.

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