Donald G. Baird

Donald G. Baird

Virginia Tech

1947 – Present

Chemical Engineer
Fellow, Elected 2015

Dr. Donald G. Baird received his B.S. and M.S. from Michigan State University in 1969 and 1971, respectively. He then received his Ph.D. from the University of Wisconsin in 1974. He subsequently worked at Montsanto Texile Company as a research engineer until 1978. After that he joined the Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University. Dr. Baird is currently the Alexander Giacco Professor in the Department of Chemical Engineering at Virginia Tech. He is also the Co-Director of the Center for Composite Materials & Structures at Virginia Tech. Baird also has extensive consulting experience with companies as diverse as Exxon and Coca-Cola.

Baird’s research interests include polymer processing, composite materials and processing, and the rheology of polymeric materials and the connection to their ultimate mechanical properties. He has lead extensive original work on the complex and nonlinear transient rheology of highly-filled fiber/polymer composites. His current research projects include designing macromolecular architecture for processing performance using insights from molecular rheology, numerical simulation of injection molding processes for fiber reinforced thermoplastics, and improving materials to make lower cost fuel cells. He authored “Polymer Processing: Principles and Design” with Dimitris Collias. He also has multiple patents.

Dr. Baird served as the Secretary of the Society from 1985-1989. He was also elected to serve as Member-At-Large from 1997-1999 and again from 2001-2003. He has organized several of the annual meetings of The Society of Rheology, most recently the winter meeting that was held in Tampa in February 2017. He has also received numerous awards, including the Society of Plastic Engineers International Award for Education in 2002 as well as other excellence in teaching and excellence in research awards.