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The XVth International Congress on Rheology
The Society of Rheology 80th Annual Meeting
August 3 - 8, 2008  —  Monterey, California
Seal Lions (Photo courtesy of Gerald G. Fuller)
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Opening Plenary Lecture

Paul Callaghan, Victoria University of Wellington (New Zealand)
      From molecules to mechanics: Nuclear magnetic resonance and rheological insight

Closing Plenary Lecture

Fred MacKintosh, Vrije Universiteit (The Nethelands)
      Non-equilibrium mechanics of active gels and living cells

Keynote Lectures

1. Michael Rubinstein, UNC (USA)
      Dynamics of entangled polymers
2. Howard A. Stone, Harvard (USA)
Multiphase flows in microfluidic devices: Drops, vesicles, and cells
3. Kenji Urayama, Kyoto University (Japan)
Nonlinear elasticity of elastomers and gels as revealed by multiaxial deformations
4. Justin J. Cooper-White, University of Queensland (Australia)
Biopolymer, protein and protein-biopolymer interfaces and gels: Structure–property–function relationships and relevance to tissue generation
5. Nitash P. Balsara, UC Berkeley (USA)
Independent control over the mechanical and electrical properties of solid polymer electrolytes for lithium batteries
6. Alejandro D. Rey, McGill University (Canada)
Modeling liquid crystal materials and processes in biological systems
7. Michel Cloitre, ESPCI, Paris (France)
Tailoring the rheology of soft particle dispersions
8. Hans Christian Öttinger, ETH Zürich (Switzerland) - Bingham Lecture
Could we raise glasses?
9. Victor Steinberg, Weizmann Institute (Israel)
Elastic turbulence: A random flow without inertia
10. Jae Ryoun Youn, Seoul National (Korea)
Residual stresses and viscoelastic deformation of injection molded parts
11. Peter D. Olmsted, Leeds (UK)
Recent progress in shear banding in complex fluids
12. Michael E. Mackay, Michigan State (USA)
Anomalous rheology of polymer-nanoparticle suspensions
13. Scott T. Milner, Penn State (USA)
A new look at stress relaxation in melts of unlinked rings
14. Richard M. Iverson, USGS (USA)
A geophysical perspective of grain-fluid flows