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Author Selectģ ó An Open Access Option

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The Journal of Rheology authors, through SORís Author Selectģ initiative, have the option to choose open access for their published article. By supporting both publication and archiving costs through payment of a $2,500 fee, authors can provide free online access to their published article, in perpetuity, to any online user. A subscription to the online journal will not be required to access full-text versions of these open access articles.

The Editor(s) and reviewers are not informed of an authorís choice concerning open access; thus, the authorís decision in this regard will have no impact on any aspect of the peer review process or on an Editorís ultimate decision regarding publication. The peer review process will proceed normally, regardless of the authorís choice of conventional or open access publication. Articles which have already been published can retroactively be made open access, either by the authors or any other donor.

When submitting either a new or revised manuscript to the journalís online submission system, authors will be asked if they wish to pay the $2,500 fee to have their paper, if accepted, published with open access for all readers. Authors who choose open access will be asked to complete a form for submission to JOR. If both the form and the fee (or a duly authorized institutional purchase order) are received by AIP before author proof corrections are completed, the article will be published with open access for all readers, whether they subscribe to the journal or not.

When deciding on participation in Author Select, authors should note that payment of the open access fee does not cover other routine print publication costs, such as charges for reprints; authors will be invoiced separately for any of those items that apply.

The open access request form is available for downloading through links at the journalís manuscript submission website and here. Direct questions about the open access request form to pcr@aip.org. Any other questions or comments about JORís open access initiative may be sent to SOR liaison at AIP (rheology@aip.org). We hope that the research community will benefit from having an open access choice and look forward to hearing from you.

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Please e-mail suggestions and comments to albertco@umche.maine.edu.
Updated 07 September 2014