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Guidelines for Authors

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The Rheology Bulletin welcomes submissions for publication in the Bulletin. The deadline for receipt of copy for articles is
  • 1 May (July issue)
  • 1 November (January issue)

Acceptance of submitted copy is at the discretion of the Editor of the Bulletin.

General Articles

Articles of potential interest to the readers of the Rheology Bulletin may be submitted to the Editor of the Bulletin for consideration. The target length for a full-length article is 2400 words, but articles of any length will be considered. Authors interested in submitting to the Bulletin may email their text directly to the Editor (fmorriso@mtu.edu) or may first discuss the potential article with the Editor. Articles received will be sent to reviewers with the intention of providing helpful feedback to the author.

Figures and photographs should be submitted, if possible, as high resolution (600 dpi) jpeg files. Color used should be CMYK. Alternatively, authors may submit high resolution (600 dpi) pdf files. In all cases individual graphics should be submitted in separate files (if two graphics are used in one figure, please submit each graphic separately). The author must have permission to republish any graphics or photos that are included in articles submitted to the Rheology Bulletin. The responsibility to determine that appropriate permission has been secured is the author's.

Articles are requested to be submitted in MS Word format, following the format in this format file (2 columns, 10 pt font).

Book Reviews

The Rheology Bulletin publishes reviews of books of potential interest to members of The Society of Rheology. Publishers may send review copies to the Editor of the Bulletin, who will decide if the content is of sufficient interest to SOR members to merit a review and will select a reviewer. Copies submitted for review will not be returned to the publisher, whether or not they are reviewed. Books not selected for review may still be listed under the rubric of New books received. An author may respond to a review in the form of a Letter to the Editor, and if the Editor believes that the views expressed in such a letter will be of interest to readers, it will be published in a suitably edited form.


Letters to the Editor of the Bulletin may be sent at any time and will be considered for publication.


The Editor of the Bulletin invites potential contributors to contact the Editor with specific topics and ideas.

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Please e-mail suggestions and comments to albertco@umche.maine.edu.
Updated 19 July 2015